MTN will launch the OpenRAN network in Africa

MTN launches OpenRAN network in Africa. MTN is expanding its reach across Africa to test and eventually open OpenRAN – a new technology that will enable it to launch new services faster, more cost-effectively and transparently, supporting future plans. future as Enterprise 2025 objectives: Digital Solutions Guide for Africa MTN Advancement aims to provide radio companies with the latest technology to use OpenRAN.

This is in line with one of the five key elements of MTN’s strategy: creating a technology platform that the company sees as unparalleled, thus accelerating the rapid expansion of 4G and 5G bandwidth in the market. ya. and its energy and carbon dioxide. 

This, in turn, supports its plan to break its grid and get free air by 2040, MTN’s Project Zero. The advantage of OpenRANOpenRAN is that it shortens the hardware and software of the network, allowing telecom users to build a network using the same specifications and statistics from multiple product providers.

This disruptive practice is growing in popularity as the company seeks to promote a more open-minded approach and relationships between different vendors. MTN says it wants to invest in the end of 2021 in partnership with its partners Altiostar, Mavenir, Parallel Wireless, TechMahindra and Voyage. As a pioneer, MTN first rolled out advanced technology in 2019 to improve local coverage.

MTN said this is in line with its belief that everyone should benefit from the lifestyle associated with this era. To date, MTN has invested in more than 1,100 business sites in more than 11 countries and has joined the ranks of pioneers welcoming open roads, enabling free investment in unconnected regions. 

For all network operators operating, a radio access network (RAN) is a huge investment as well as a reward. By installing OpenRAN, MTN seeks to gain innovation and value. 

“At MTN, we know about the ability to open face.

There are many benefits that sports executives bring to the business, but today’s communications are like network stability as a new service, ”says MTN Group CTIO Charles Molapisi. “Our customers are concerned about the speed at which we can incorporate innovative technologies, and we strive to find faster and better ways to do so. Many of the benefits of OpenRAN include redesigning reseller land, lowering value, and eliminating vendors-based assets.

 The new technology also promises to save money on flexibility as it allows users to use software hardware in open spaces. It facilitates the so-called “Lego architecture” where a number of different vendors offer hardware and software products that combine to run a standalone radio project.

MTN hopes to continue to improve its existing network By improving the network, MTN hopes to reduce its capacity with smoke supporting Zero services. “As OpenRAN brings new infrastructure to mobile networks and other providers, it provides telecom users with the flexibility they need most,” said Amith Maharaj, MTN Group Director: Network Planning and Design. 

This means that MTN can now consider creating a network that can meet the price and capacity requirements of a specific market, or even transport 5G and / or 4G applications to real service providers. He is a good game changer for the growth of the phone and emerging markets. “While the technology is in its infancy and widespread acceptance may take many years, MTN has already worked with many global players to gain insights and deliver innovations. 

In its efforts to fly the OpenRAN flag, MTN says it is also part of the Facebook Telecom Infra project. The first adoption allows us to pick up and deploy appropriate networking systems that are technically proven and disruptive to ensure that we continue to provide a great experience and ultimately run our business. building the capacity of technology to promote digital systems for the advancement of Africa, ”concluded Molapisi.

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