Apple reveals four-day Black Friday gift card offers

Apple reveals four-day Black Friday gift card offers | AppleInsider

As ever, Apple offers no discounts on its devices for Black Friday, but it has announced a range of gift cards worth up to $150 that will be included free with certain purchases.

As other retailers make special Black Friday deals that include discounts on Apple products, Apple itself is once more offering free gift cards. None of its devices have seen any price reduction, but some of them will now come with an Apple gift card ranging from $25 to $100.

“Get ready,” says an email Apple has sent to customers. “Get an Apple Store Gift Card of up to $150 when you buy eligible products from 27 to 30 November.” The Apple Store now has similar wording, plus the option to add those dates to your calendar.

At least ahead of the November 27 launch, Apple is being more vague about certain other gift card options. Buying the iPad Pro or iPad mini will “get up to a $100 Apple Gift Card,” for instance.

For the Mac, unspecified “eligible models” get a $150 card. And buying an Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, or a HomePod, will get you “up to a $100” card.

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