Huawei is partnering with rain and the Click Foundation to connect local schools

Back when I was at school, the computer room was an absolute mess. There were cables and broken monitors and all sorts of busted components strewn about the place and while I did happen to find an abandoned copy of Company of Heroes lying around, it wasn’t the best maintained department.

Having said that, just having that kind of access to computers and the internet in general was a lot more than most schools in our lovely country. As the world becomes more engrained with the internet, it’s become more important than ever for students to understand the digital space. Which has driven Huawei to help out where they can.

Partnering with service provider rain and non-profit educational organisation Click Foundation, Huawei plans on connecting 100 rural and urban schools to the internet while providing, “high-quality educational resources such as digital curriculums and e-learning applications, and teacher and student training.” Huawei is looking to expand learner’s digital skills and knowledge to help them better adapt to an environment of work that largely requires an internet connection.

“Through digital education, we not only address the literacy crisis in the country, but also provide young children with the digital skills needed for future success,” Nicola Harris, CEO of Click Foundation, added at the Global Education Webinar where Huawei made their announcement.

Said Ken Hu, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman, “We believe that everyone, everywhere has the right to education and the equality of opportunity it brings. As a technology company, Huawei wants to help with connectivity, applications and skills by focusing on two important areas of connecting schools and developing digital skills respectively.”

So good on you Huawei! Ya’ll out there doing some good stuff for people that need it. Have a pat on the back.

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